Happy New Year!

First post of the year and just wanted to make sure people know I do still have plans to do things with this site and the space. I am going to try my hand on keeping this up to date with post this year. I do plan on getting my forge going this year. I have had a few items around the house that have distracted me from my goals in 2022 and with my car taking up half the garage right now I am on hold doing any metal heating so I don’t bake the paint off Magpie. So for 2023 I plan to do the following goals.

  1. Update the site to look better. Maybe some CSS?
  2. Get my forge online and start practicing smithing at home.
  3. Maybe get back into Streaming or doing some Youtube with the smithing.

I also want to try my hand at doing some blog posts to keep things update and also get practice at writing. I have this back of the brain idea still about trying to turn some of these stories I have running around my head into print?